My life as a model


In Brazil I worked for the Brazilian government at the financial office (Secretaria das Financas e Centro Administrativo).


As I was very tall in comparison with most of the people it was a big advantage for me to work as a model. Women in the Northeast of Brazil where 1,65 m in average. I was 1,80 m.


As a matter of fact I did not want to be a model. I was motivated by others.


Anyway it was fun to get to know many interesting people, to travel, and to stay in 5 stars hotels which I had never been before that time because my family is not rich.


The main thing it was that I overcame the trauma of feeling myself too tall. It sounds ridiculous but it was a real problem for me. And I could never find a boyfriend because they would not like to be with a woman who it taller than themselves.


Besides being a model I gave many modeling courses.


Some of these courses I gave in co-operation with other professionals. One of the most popular courses was when I gave the course together with César Prado and Marcos Manzano. The reason was that Marcos Manzano was a Brazilian TV Globo star in the end 80’s and beginning 90’s. He works nowadays as a Chippendale in São Paulo Brazil in a show house called “Casa das Mulheres”.


Marcos Manzano main participation was in the Brazilian TV-Series “De Corpo e Alma” (1992), “A Rota do Brilho” (1990), “Vale Tudo” (1988)

In this newspaper says: "Marcos Manzano and Luzimar Monteiro, modeling course teachers at Tropicana Hotel.”

In this photo it is Cesar Prado, me, and Marcos Manzano presenting our models students.

Here it is at "Espaço Cultural" which is translated is "Cultural Space".

I did the design of these clothing and these are my students from my other modelling course.

On the right side is Naldo Barbosa which today is a famous TV-show presenter in João Pessoa.

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